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I am pleased to officially launch here the full-length version of “Lockdown Throwdown” - the piece dear Chick Corea and myself co-created during lockdown 2020. We had intended to launch this piece together earlier this month and had hoped to collaborate on further projects in the months to come, thanks to all the fun that we’d derived from the process and out of our mutual passion for musical spontaneity. Sadly this was not to be. But this little standalone musical meeting between us will remain in my heart as an enduring tribute to a very dear friend, a legendary inspiration to me and to so many others, and to his boundless, beautiful and relentless love and pursuit of the sound of surprise.

Gary - February 2021

About "Lockdown Throwdown"

A joyful and eventful musical meeting between Gary and Chick Corea conducted 'virtually' over a few weeks during the coronavirus global lockdown.

The sessions of this co-composition were constructed section by section with both musicians interacting and exchanging ideas on pianos, synths, drums plus a few other instruments for good measure!

This is not a performance video but a compilation of clips & photos - moments captured in the creation of this musical collaboration.

*Don't forget to check out the wonderfully engaging conversation between these two musicians, here on Gary's site, as well as a selection of other performances and recordings that Gary has been involved in over the past few months.*