Please find below some of the many reviews relating to Gary's Drum Videocast series, from around the world

These are super valuable and integral for any musician wanting to expand their vocabulary and to reach for new heights in their playing. Thank you Maestro Gary Husband for always inspiring.

Gino Banks, Mumbai, India

I have every Videocast thus far and up till now I feel like I have a library of study materials , inspirational insights and anecdotes that I keep going back to re-listen to often. I really enjoy your unique approach to teaching and informing that I can’t really say I’ve seen in any other study materials. Thanks for the mentoring, kindness, and friendship.

Michael Malo, Montreal, Canada

I have been feeling stuck in my playing for a while. So I decided to pay for one of Gary Husband’s Videocast Series (the most recent one on approaches to Jazz). I couldn’t recommend these lessons enough. Gary’s approach in the video reflected his unique experience and wisdom as a jazz musician and it really has got me thinking about the drums differently for the first time in a while. Check it out if you have a chance!

David Kelly, Liverpool, UK

The instructional videos by Gary Husband are created with attention to detail. Both technique and track analysis videos have enough space and supporting material to make them your own and retain value over different sessions. Gary is thoughtful in his explanations and is natural balanced with technique. Valuable for drummers of various backgrounds.

Luuk van der Velden, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The lessons have been an endless source of inspiration, creativity and joy! The videos feel more like a conversation with one of my favorite musicians - always interesting, very personal and sincere. And the play-alongs... Never tired of playing those tunes over and over again! Play, then watch the video and then play again... always finding new ideas, approaches.

Igor Magarill, Harish, Israel

These are incredible! Super high quality on all fronts: production, sound, content, information, clarity, inspiration!! It’s so great to hear and see you explaining about your concepts, ideas, and the songs analysis are very useful too. I believe drummers of all levels will highly benefit from these videos. Thank you for continuing to inspire us and for sharing such valuable info! My best wishes to you and long live the GH videocasts!

Mauricio Zottarelli, Sao Paulo, Brazil

After being in a bit downward spiral inspiration-wise, when these videos turned up, it changed it all up for me! I suddenly got hit with an amazing inspiration to play drums again. Not that I ever had stopped playing, but to really be inspired again to learn new stuff and to get better. This was it for me!! It is so refreshing to see drum videos that are so open minded, and it clearly shows Gary ́s deep love for all kinds of music and his open-mindedness. He also bring about the importance for all of us to try and sound like ourselves and pushes us in finding our own voice on the instrument. Also worth adding is that Gary was very approachable in giving quite a few inspirational pointers if you ever fancy tackling some of his tracks on there, which may very well be a bonus lesson in itself! The sound and production is a also top notch and shows a well-planned and cleverly thought-out series. The content is perfectly well-balanced yet varied, and succeeds in finding the delicate balance with inspiration, education and practicality. And guess what? I haven't mentioned his playing yet; Just outerworldly! Incredible! I simply cannot recommend this enough, and I have them all!

Sturla Nøstvik, Olso, Norway

Your Videocasts are excellent. Great production, great value, high quality instruction and explanations, and as always, fantastic playing. I have bought a few. “Warming up away from the kit” was my first. Very creative way to warm up when you don’t have your kit or pad handy. The exercises on the “Independence” video were challenging for sure, and enjoyable at the same time. Thanks for these videos you’ve made!

Jim Benner, Allen, Texas, USA

I first downloaded the video “Leave ‘Em On Track Analysis” as a fan of the “Dirty & Beautiful” album and because of the extra footage for Allan fans. As a guitarist I did not expect any direct benefit. In stark contrast to this expectation I learned this: 1/ Especially music with long solos (some call it fusion) requires a very strong drummer and an excellent command of dynamics. It’s probably better to focus on these aspects before losing 20 years in the shed with no results! 2/ Compositions should be more than just vehicles. 3/ Interaction is everything. 4/ Do what you love with passion - (there are hardly any videos that convey this essential message better than G.H.’s). 5/ If a genius deletes a very good solo, call another genius to save the track!

Jo Jena, Frankfurt, Germany

I’ve bought several of the videos you have for sale, and ALL of them are very informative and interesting! I like the approach where you focus a lot on how one can interpret a piece of music on drums, and how different directions artistically can make the music interesting and creative. Very unique in these “all about technique”- times as far as instruction is concerned. I HIGHLY recommend anyone to buy your material (same goes for all your music and all you have played on). Sharing detailed information like this as you do, as one of the greatest musicians on the planet, is just fantastic!! Thank you. And of course, feel free to quote me if you find it usefull.

Lasse André Mellingsaeter, Trondheim, Norway

It’s rather simple for me Gary. The collection is just excellent. Great compositions, clear and provocative analyses, and brilliant playing. For students, and pros alike this just kills man. Thanks so much for inspiring me.

Rahul Roy, Northampton, Massachusetts, USA

A Playing Approach to Contemporary Jazz was so well done! Thanks again for sharing your incredible knowledge of creative playing ... so inspiring!

Peter Karppi, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Beautifully explained, Gary! Some of us have the intuition for it but may lack the words to explain what you did so eloquently.
Thanks for your insights!

Ivon Smith, Malaysia

These videocasts have been professionally produced, are extremely informative, and have been a great source of furthering my education on the instrument.
You have my sincere thanks for the continuing inspiration you are providing for the likes of me and the other drummers out there.

Terry Arnett, London, UK

Much respect again and again for all the lessons, music, inspiration! God bless you Sir

Vad Samos, Kharkov, Ukraine

I’ve always wanted to study with Gary, but our schedules never allowed for it. That’s why I’m extremely excited about his series of educational videos. He’s truly a great of modern Jazz and I feel privileged to be able to study his materials.

Alex Landenburg, Saarbrücken, Germany

Awesome Gary in every way!

Costa Georef, Adelaide, Australia

Cool beans!! Gary you are so genuinely cool and humble, (something I also noticed in your Drumeo GAB interview) that I’m going to your site right now to purchase all your vids!! Thanks for your incredible contributions to the craft of drumming and music in general!! All the best Sir!

Jim Strickland, USA

The videos are all gems. Keep going!

Giampiero Franco, Ruviano, Italy

These videocasts are the best I have seen and all you need to discover the world of the various styles of drummers. Well done Gary on producing these.

Raymond Andrew Persaud, London, UK

I'm a 14 year old guitar player. I've bought the "City Nights" video because I love the way Gary plays his old song and i was studying Allan Holdsworth's version. It helped a lot... and I'm only a guitar player... By the way, Gary even gave me the authority to make a video of me playing along with him... so, hey, what's better than this?

Simone Majioncalda, Genova, Italy

Some of the best stuff ever because it shows your love for music, the open minded creativity, energy and dynamics. A real musician for sure!! Thank you so much!

Ben Christa, Dillingen an der Donau, Swabia, Bavaria

Unmissable. Highly recommended... Play along with Holdsworth, along with a brilliant explanation of the musical approach of the original band.

Bruce Mason, UK

Absolutely amazing Gary. Keep up this great work...thanks.

Pavlos Doukanaris, Athens, Greece

I have always been a fan of Gary Husband's playing for many years. One of my favourite players. Gary has some great videocasts at his website. Just watched the Contemporary jazz video. Gary talks in terms of energy, creativity, expression, music, no chops or licks just channeling in the moment, saying something, telling a story. A great musician.

Mark Heaney

Just bought this.... thank you Gary....... it's fantastic..... you're a true musical inspiration and spirit..... drummers get this ! As Gary says all "for the price of a coffee and cake....

Mark Simpson

A very sensitive, beautiful work, done in the smallest details. I like it a lot when little by little your kit changes the shape to play the theme A, B or C, showing that all the themes have a meaning within the kit assembly.
The location of the filming also pleases me a lot, these walls remind me of something vintage. You inspire me, so I have a picture of you inside my main studio room. Thank you for another piece of art.

Randy Lopez, Curitiba, Brazil

I’m earnestly waiting for a composition masterclass on melodic and harmonic ideas. Gary Husband is an absolute weapon at everything!

Gregory Harper

The camera work, the lighting angles, graphics and editing are excellent, great attention to detail. Very rich and vibrant look! Quite obviously, a lot of care and attention has gone into this project The content, goes without saying, obviously, so I won't say it!

Jack Lord Oatkon

Gary, your creative exploration leaves both drummer and band with endless open doors and limitless options! Thanks for this! But beyond your great playing (always)... those drums... they sound SO good!

Greg Burrows

Who would’ve imagined lessons with the man who propelled all those records!? This guy is an excellent teacher. Pure positive energy, creative enthusiasm and love for music.

Vids for Squids

Best drummer among keyboard players, and best keyboard player among drummers!!

Emil Gassanov