On this page of free content, Gary chats with some of his dearest friends, associates and favourite musicians on a broad variety of subjects. Many more films of these insightful and entertaining chats are in the pipeline so check back regularly for new "Conversations with... "

In this wonderfully engaging first video of the series, Gary chats with one of the world's most celebrated exponents and pioneers of jazz piano - multi-Grammy award-winning musician Chick Corea.

Sharing stories from their past, and discussing topics ranging from improvisation to the contribution that drums have made to their musical development at the keyboard and vice versa, this is a joyful conversation that provides much insight into the creative process, background and philosophy of these two highly individual, multifaceted and idiosyncratic musicians.

This conversation, in fact, led to a musical collaboration between them, their "Lockdown Throwdown" where they both brought about a section-by-section created co-composition together playing pianos, synths, drums plus another few instruments for good measure! Subscribe to Gary's newsletter to see the pre-release video of the track and get a free audio download.