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"Great production, great value, high quality instruction and explanations, and as always, fantastic playing. I have bought a few. “Warming up away from the kit” was my first. Very creative way to warm up when you don’t have your kit or pad handy" - Jim Benner, Allen, Texas, USA

As part of the ‘On The Road’ series, Gary presents this videocast from his hotel room in Hamburg where he is preparing for a major concert.

He shares his thoughts about the value (or not!) of the practice pad, explains how he gets ready mentally and physically for the performance away from the kit and takes you through all the elements of his typical warm-up routine in the hotel room prior to a rehearsal or concert.

He starts by selecting strategic items from within the hotel room on which to embark on his practice session and demonstrates through a wide range of exercises how much you can achieve via a variety of playing surfaces with just a pair of sticks and a metronome.

The videocast finishes with a short excerpt of his performance that same night in Hamburg.

Duration: 39 minutes

Please note that due to this being an ‘On The Road’ videocast, the spoken sound quality, while fully audible, is not that of a pro studio recording.

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