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As part of the Track Analysis series, this Videocast focuses on a hugely popular yet extremely challenging track for drummers and instrumentalists alike, thanks to its agonisingly slow tempo (5/4 or 15/8) and its complex and highly idiosyncratic form. ‘New Blues, Old Bruise’, the fabulous composition by legendary guitarist John McLaughlin, merges blues, jazz and R&B and is today a firm favourite with audiences worldwide, as well as with John’s long-stay band The 4th Dimension for which Gary plays keyboards and second drums.

Having built up a long track-record with this particular piece, from playing keyboards on its original airing back in 2006, arranging and playing a cover of the tune himself on drums on one of his solo albums, as well as performing it live with the 4th Dimension for over a decade, Gary is extremely well-placed in providing a rich and detailed analytical breakdown of the track. Via a strong and dynamic performance of the piece, he guides you through its structure and form, drawing attention to all the tricky elements and potential pitfalls to look out for, shining a light on what’s essential to making it work, and what’s dispensable, and shares helpful ideas and advice to nailing it rhythmically, approaching it creatively and making it your own.

Alongside the Videocast, the ‘New Blues, Old Bruise’ package not only includes a drum-less play-along mp3 and a PDF drum guide for drummers to tackle, but also has a downloadable play-along ‘minus one’ version for guitarists, bassists, keyboard players and tenor sax players, each of course with their own corresponding chart. All individual instrument play-along tracks come both with and without a click.

To complete the Videocast which is packed with over 60 minutes of invaluable material, there are also two inspiring video commentaries on the track from 4th Dimension drummer par excellence Ranjit Barot, as well as from the track’s masterful composer, John McLaughlin, himself.

Duration: 69 minutes

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  • The high-definition videocast is in mp4 format, comes in three alternative file sizes, and can be downloaded or streamed for unlimited personal viewing
  • Includes a downloadable mp3 ‘minus one’ play-along of the track for drums, guitar, bass, keyboards and tenor sax, all of which come both with and without a click
  • Includes a downloadable chart in PDF format for each instrument, ie drums, guitar, bass, keyboards and tenor sax
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