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"Great challenge this was. And it was such a joy to try and tackle this classic track. Thanks for making it available for us to play to" - Sturla Nøstvik, Oslo, Norway

As part of the ‘Track Analysis’ series, this videocast centres around a favourite track of Gary’s, the Mahavishnu Orchestra’s stunning dedication to Miles Davis, ‘Miles Beyond’, from the ground-breaking album ‘Birds of Fire’.

Gary provides the context for this celebrated track and explains the incredible impact it had on him when he first encountered it, as well as the many personal associations he has gone on to have with John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham and other members of this seminal jazz-fusion band. He presents a powerful performance of his own version of the piece, and gives a breakdown of its structure and key components.

He then walks you through the performance and presents you with an audio version, a drum-less mp3 (both with and without click) as well as a PDF guide, to download and try out for yourself.

Duration: 25 minutes

Please note that due to this videocast being shot outdoors, the sound quality, while fully audible, is not that of a pro studio recording. The playing performance, however, is an in-studio production.

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  • High-definition videocast is in mp4 format, comes in three alternative file sizes, and can be downloaded or streamed for unlimited personal viewing
  • Includes a downloadable mp3 drum-less play-along version of 'Miles Beyond' both with and without click
  • Includes a downloadable drum chart for 'Miles Beyond'