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"Unmissable. Highly recommended... Play along with Holdsworth, along with a brilliant explanation of the musical approach of the original band" - Bruce Mason, UK

As part of the Track Analysis series, this videocast focuses on a very popular track by guitar legend Allan Holdsworth despite it never being featured on any of his studio recordings: "Leave 'em On". This version of the piece was recorded in LA in 2009 for Gary's own studio album "Dirty & Beautiful Volume 1" and features Allan on guitar, bass supremo Jimmy Johnson and Mahavishnu star Jan Hammer on keyboards. Gary gives a full breakdown of the composition and talks you through its structure, mood and reference points and discusses possible playing approaches that you might want to try.

A drum-less mp3 of "Leave 'em On" (both with and without click) plus a PDF drum guide come bundled with the videocast for you to try your hand at.

As with the "City Night's" videocast, this also delivers an extra treat for Holdsworth fans, in the form of bonus footage featured at the end of the videocast. Here, Gary presents a compilation of previously unseen footage from his own archives with two performances of Allan and the band in Japan from 1993 as well as a wonderful solo of Allan's during the recording of "Leave 'em On" in 2009.

Duration: 42 minutes

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  • Includes a downloadable drum chart for "Leave 'em On"
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