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"Great compositions, clear and provocative analyses, and brilliant playing. For students, and pros alike this just kills man. Thanks so much for inspiring me" - Rahul Roy, Northampton, Massachusetts

UPDATED: In response to requests from other instrumentalists, the City Nights package now includes three additional downloadable play-along versions of the track for GUITARISTS, BASSISTS and KEYBOARD PLAYERS plus a corresponding chart for each instrument!

As part of the Track Analysis series, this videocast focuses on a track most associated with ground-breaking guitar legend Allan Holdsworth: ‘City Nights’. Gary provides the background and context to the piece, explains how it came to be recorded with drum maestro Vinnie Colaiuta and bass luminary Jimmy Johnson, and gives a stunning, high energy performance of the track himself. He gives a full breakdown of the composition and talks you through its structure, mood and reference points and discusses possible playing approaches to it.

Four versions of the ‘City Nights’ play-along track for drummers, guitarists, bassists and keyboard players plus a PDF chart for each instrument come bundled with the videocast for you to stamp your own personality on this iconic track. The drum-less version also comes with click.

As an extra treat for Holdsworth fans, in the bonus feature section, Gary presents a compilation of previously unseen footage from his own archives of Allan and the band from a tour in Japan and Australia in the mid-90s.

Duration: 38 minutes

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  • High-definition videocast is in mp4 format, comes in three alternative file sizes, and can be downloaded or streamed for unlimited personal viewing
  • Includes four downloadable mp3 play-along versions of 'City Nights' for drummers, guitarists, bassists and keyboard players, and an additional drum-less version with click
  • Includes a downloadable chart of 'City Nights' for drums, guitar, bass and keys
  • Includes previously unpublished footage from Gary's personal archives of Allan and the band from the mid-90s
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