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"Your creative exploration leaves both drummer and band with endless open doors and limitless options! Thanks for this! But beyond your great playing (always)... those drums... they sound SO good!" - Greg Burrows

In this videocast, Gary looks at considerations you might want to make when it comes to choosing the spec and set-up of your kit, and discusses the choices he has made for himself along his diverse career. He gives a full analysis of his full-size mainstay kit and talks through the reasons behind his own preferences, from bearing edges, shells and die cast hoops, through to dimensions, heads and experimental configurations. He also touches on his tuning techniques and finishes with a performance of an improvised drum solo demonstrating how these specifications translate sonically.

In Gary's words: “We play to the sound we make, and if the sound inspires us, we stand a better chance of playing to our highest capacity”.

Duration: 33 minutes

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