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"Truly infectious! Sir you’re absolutely right. Love it so much! Thank you for all the details and inspiration!" - Vad Samos

Gary presents in this videocast his four fundamentals in funk playing. He takes you steadily through these four key elements individually with played examples for each, demonstrating how they significantly impact on the feel of the music. He discusses how adjusting emphasis can change the shape and flow of the funk, looks at buzz rolls plus a couple of other devices to consider in a funk beat and explores the role of the fill in funk playing.

He gives performances of two funk tracks, one in the style of James Brown/Earth Wind and Fire, and the second, more Prince-like in feel. These two tracks are available with the videocast to download as drum-less mp3s (with and without click) for you to have a go at and try out all your own grooves.

You will also receive a drum chart of one of the played funk pieces plus a set of links handpicked by Gary to some extraordinary performances by some of the true giants in this joyful realm of music.

Duration: 38 minutes

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  • High-definition videocast is in mp4 format, comes in three alternative file sizes, and can be downloaded or streamed for unlimited personal viewing
  • Includes 2 downloadable mp3 drum-less playalong funk tracks both with and without click
  • Includes a downloadable drum chart for one of the funk tracks
  • Includes a downloadable PDF of web links to performances of some of Gary's favourite, most inspirational funk drummers