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"A very sensitive, beautiful work, done in the smallest details. I like it a lot when little by little your kit changes the shape to play the theme A, B or C, showing that all the themes have a meaning within the kit assembly. Thank you for another piece of art" - Randy Lopez, Curitiba, Brazil

Gary’s prominent use of cymbals makes a significant contribution to his musical expression and forms a great deal of his personality at the kit. In this videocast, he takes you on a tour of a set of cymbals he has put together, and discusses the reasons behind his preferences and the particular qualities of each. He suggests considerations you might like to make when putting together a set of cymbals covering subjects such as dynamic range, instrumentation of the band you’re playing with, achieving stereo effect and grip of the stick. He examines expanding the roles of the cymbals beyond the convention as well as hi-hat playing with examples of pedalling and sticking.

He performs three short but strong tracks to demonstrate different elements of cymbal playing, all of which can be downloaded as drum-less mp3s with corresponding click tracks for you to experiment with.

Gary also includes in the videocast package a PDF with links to performances by players who have been instrumental in broadening and influencing his own conception of cymbal playing.

Duration: 36 minutes

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  • High-definition videocast is in mp4 format, comes in three alternative file sizes, and can be downloaded or streamed for unlimited personal viewing
  • Includes three downloadable mp3 drum-less play-along versions of the featured tracks both with and without click
  • Includes a downloadable PDF of web links to great performances from a selection of drummers who excel in the realm of cymbal playing
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