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A real treat for Allan Holdsworth’s fans, this videocast is a special double-length feature exploring the beats Gary developed at the kit for five of Allan’s pieces alongside the musical and historical context around each one.

Launching the ‘Behind The Beats’ series, in this videocast Gary shares stories, anecdotes and personal memories surrounding the tracks, highlights many of the elements that made Allan such an extraordinary and wholly unique musician and collaborator, and explains his own approach towards his endeavours to make a creative and musically meaningful contribution from the drums and discusses how powerfully this in turn can shape the overall character of a composition.

He takes sections of each of the tunes and takes you through the beats he employed, and the reasoning behind them, as an illustration of the inner workings of his particular creative process and their application at the drumset.

These five track sections come packaged with the videocast as audio play-along downloads, both with and without a click. They are also accompanied by corresponding downloadable drum charts as PDFs.

In addition, the videocast includes 16 minutes of previously unseen bonus footage. Gary has raided his personal video archives and made a selection of clips featuring Allan and the band from 1992 and 1993 giving a taste of life on the road in those times - from testing out new gear, setting up for soundcheck through to a launderette (laundromat) pitstop! And of course some hand-held footage from a couple of live shows too.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

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  • High-definition videocast is in mp4 format, comes in three alternative file sizes, and can be downloaded or streamed for unlimited personal viewing
  • Includes downloadable mp3 drum-less play-along versions of the five featured track sections both with and without a click
  • Includes a downloadable drum chart in PDF format for each of the featured track sections
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