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“Fantastic Gary! What a great idea. Good for students and teachers. This is the type of stuff drummers need. This is what gets guys work. Wonderful presentation.

Thank you.” Alzonia Johnson, New Jersey, USA

Presented as part of the highly rated PLAYING APPROACH SERIES where Gary examines creative interpretation of different musical realms, here he turns his attention to the deceptively simple Ballad.

Often dismissed as the easiest song form for the drummer, Gary challenges this assertion believing it to be one of the most taxing to carry off successfully, not least because of its inherently slow tempo and commonly open spaces, which leave the drummer wholly exposed, and with nowhere to hide!

Gary begins by exploring alternative playing approaches to the first of the two ballads, walking you through the track and discussing ideas on how best to interpret and sensitively respond to the message, mood and charm of the tune throughout its journey whilst remaining powerfully effective.

Demonstrating these ideas through performances of the piece, he keeps his first pass contained, pared back, stripping away anything superfluous in his playing. And as with the other Videocasts in this series, Gary then goes on to present an alternative drum pass to the same tune, approached in an infinitely more creative, expressive and freer way.

The aim here is to heighten and broaden your musical awareness, gain confidence in turning your hand to a variety of ways of tackling a piece so you can arrive at your recording session or band rehearsal with plenty of ideas and options in your musical arsenal ready to offer.

The second ballad he presents here is a medium/slow tempo fusion piece (by his friend bassist/composer Antoine Fafard), quite different in character from the first, that requires much more of an expressive and interactional approach. Again, though it has none of the demands of breakneck speed playing, he shows how it can really put the musician to the test, challenging the drummer to navigate an effective contribution that shapes all the components of the composition elegantly, provocatively and poignantly.

Both tracks, as always, can be downloaded as drum-less playalongs, with or without click, together with a guide chart for you to try your skill with.

Duration: 40 minutes

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