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April 8, 2012

New Website On The Way!


While we are planning and building a fresh new website for me, the LIVE/TOURS page will still be active here – featuring regular updates concerning all my confirmed performance schedule details. Very little else is working on the website here right now…  actually, a lot of it was never even finished in the first place!

So we’ll be back in due course with a fresh new website right here at this domain!

Thanks and see you later.










June 13, 2011

Update on Dirty & Beautiful * Volume 2

It’s been a while since any kind of update on Dirty & Beautiful Volume 2, but here one is!  As an accompaniment to this you are hearing a very, very brief little taster/sampler audio montage of just some of the sounds you can expect on the new album!  (These will be updated here as progress continues.)

I had the pleasure of mixing in Austria (with the splendid engineer Marcus Wippersberg at the helm) two of the feature cuts on the album just recently – one being a real tour-de-force piece written by Alex Machacek, and the other being my piece “Sulley” (which is a tune performed regularly by ourselves in John McLaughlin’s 4th Dimension.)  On the former – which is still at rough mix stage – I am featured on drums, and I feel it’s turned out very strongly.  (more…)

October 14, 2010

Dirty & Beautiful * Volume 1 release dates

The all-star new album Dirty & Beautiful * Volume 1 (on Abstract Logix Records), featuring John McLaughlin, Allan Holdsworth, Steve Hackett, Robin Trower, Steve Topping, Jan Hammer and many others, is released in the following regions of the world:

  • America/Canada:
    16 November 2010
  • Australia/New Zealand:
    20 November 2010 (through Planet/MGM Distribution)
  • Japan:
    20 November 2010 (with bonus track) on King Records
  • South Korea:
    28 November 2010
  • India:
    1 December 2010 (through Virgin/EMI Distribution)
  • Europe (incl. U.K.):
    28 January 2011

Pre-orders (and audio samples) are available now at Abstract Logix Records

You can also pre-order the CD at:
Amazon U.K.Amazon U.S.Amazon Germany … and more!

October 1, 2010

Dirty & Beautiful update

Having completed mixing and mastering of Volume 1 of this exciting new CD venture, a profile of the album is now featured on the Abstract Logix website.

There is a brief audio montage there of many of the featured tracks available to hear, as well as the official Interview / Press Release and CD front cover image.

Dirty & Beautiful, Gary’s eagerly awaited upcoming CD, features John McLaughlin, Allan Holdsworth, Steve Hackett, Robin Trower, Jan Hammer, Steve Topping, Jimmy Johnson, Mark King, Laurence Cottle, Jerry Goodman, Livingstone Brown and others.

The recordings took place at Red Vine Studios (Ternberg Austria), Eastcote Studios (London), Red Gate Studio (N.Y.C), Mediastarz Studio (Monaco), The Summerhouse (Isle Of Wight) , Conway Recorders (Los Angeles) among others.

For those who may wish to pre-order the CD you can also do that at the page.

If you check out the ‘Dirty & Beautiful Sessions’ album in the Photo Gallery here on this website you will hear a slightly alternative brief audio montage of many of the tracks while you view the pics that document many of the recording sessions.

Dirty & Beautiful Volume 1 is released on the Abstract Logix Records label in November 2010

August 11, 2010

Audio soundtracks in Photo Gallery albums

There are now audio soundtracks featured in many of the various photo albums in the Gallery. Click into each album to hear them!


July 19, 2010

Designing and building

Hi and welcome to the all new!  It’s been a while, but with the splendid vision and skill of Nadja von Massow at nadworks we are firmly on our way.  Needless to say there’s still a huge chunk of work and development to be done so please check back with us regularly for exciting new updates and features. If you would like to be kept in the loop about the launch, please feel free to subscribe to “Gary’s newsletter”.

Of the up and coming features I’m looking forward to working towards with Nadja will be a new Downloads section, where I will be able to offer new, rare or previously unavailable music (not featured on any CD releases) as mp3 downloads. There’s also a whole new Press Lounge area that is ideal for visiting journalists, containing hi-res pictures, masses of information and more.  We resisted building any kind of forum or blog area on the website, despite many requests to me over the years, but there is a contact section here that you most welcome to use for comments.  If you do wish to submit any questions or enquiries to me that are related to music, there’s a “sticky” thread over at the Drummerworld forum entitled “Gary Husband here!” which I set up some time ago. A bunch of us look in there, rap and exchange ideas from time to time, and when there’s time permitting, I do answer!

We hope you enjoy your visits to the website, thank you always for your support and hope to see you here again soon!!

May 28, 2010

“Dirty & Beautiful” – the new album

This is my current project, and one I’m working towards around plenty of other tours and commitments!  But I’ll get there, and it will be finished by the end of September this year!

I’ll share with you something my great friend (bassist) Jimmy Johnson reminded of recently, and this is that “a deadline is a really good thing!!”  Great advice!  Some I needed to hear! (more…)

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