This is my current project, and one I’m working towards around plenty of other tours and commitments!  But I’ll get there, and it will be finished by the end of September this year!

I’ll share with you something my great friend (bassist) Jimmy Johnson reminded of recently, and this is that “a deadline is a really good thing!!”  Great advice!  Some I needed to hear!

This album will be by next release on the Abstract Logix label – a return to roots so to speak, an album very much in the electric jazz/rock vein and one featuring myself at the drums and electric keyboards.  There is no great conceptual theme to this one – it’s electric music I feel like playing, with musicians I feel like playing with.  The material is mixed; some new, some ‘electric band’ material I have from out of the archives and I will also present a couple of covers.  The guest performers I have planned to play on the album are varied and among the greatest musicians in the world – friends and colleagues that I am blessed to be working steadily with, plus one or two I have hardly met!

Following a tour of Canada and California I did with Allan Holdsworth and Jimmy last year I recruited both of those musicians plus guest performer (Mahavishnu Orchestra and Gary Husband’s Force Majeure violinist) Jerry Goodman for a session at Conway Recorders in Los Angeles.  That was a great day, for this session was the beginning of the project!  Here we got a great take of an Allan Holdsworth piece that is regularly played on his concerts (and one that has not been previously recorded), a very nice take of a number Allan formally wrote back in the 70’s (for the New Tony Williams Lifetime) called “Fred” – very much a nod to the great TW – a Jan Hammer piece called “Between The Sheets Of Music” (which featured Jerry) and a new composition of my own entitled “Boulevard Boloneyo”.

My next venture will be to record two tracks in Austria and Monaco that are to feature the great John McLaughlin – “Sulley” (which I have been performing with John regularly these past few years with his band The 4th Dimension) and another one of my newer pieces; “Dreams In Blue”.  Playing bass on the latter will be Jimmy Johnson and on the former piece, an old colleague of mine, Mark King.  (It’s become apparent to me that I’m hand-picking musicians I’ve worked with before, in very much their realm.  I realise I’m recruiting them for this project to bend into my realm!)

I’ll be then going for some London-based sessions that will feature first an old friend of mine – maestro guitarist and composer Steve Topping, (appearing on a piece he wrote that is ideal for the album), and I’m hoping to get the three-piece of Jack Bruce, Robin Trower and myself together again for another cut.  Back in the U.S., I am a big admirer of the great guitarist Jimmy Herring, and I have planned for him at least one piece he has kindly consented to perform on – an old one from me called “England Green”.  There are another couple of surprises that hopefully will come together too, as always, depending on people’s availability.

If you’d like to view some pictures of the first LA session featuring Allan, Jimmy, Jerry and myself please check out a little photo album featuring over at my MySpace page –

I will be updating progress of this gigantic international project regularly, as it materialises, right here!